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FRAGMENTS: Stills & Stories is a project with humanity on full display. Life is hard and these fragments do not shy away from that. Each photographic image is paired with its own flash fiction. A tale is told. Quickly.

Nostalgia shapes my artistic vision. The inspiration for my photographic images is film noir of the '40s and '50s. Film noir provides a doorway to a dark, pessimistic and fatalistic world. For needed levity, I'm also inspired by the British spy genre of the '60s. The spy genre echoes the paranoia of film noir, but brings humor and camp to the table. My goal is to include all these elements in my portrait photography.

My images offer no clue to their context. When viewers are presented with the images, I want them to feel like they've just stepped into the middle of a scene without knowing the script. With each image, I want to set the stage for storytelling.

The train rushes by. The images in the passing windows are like fleeting frames of film. Lives frozen for a second in time, then gone.

I am also interested in society's fascination with the human face and form. I am drawn to manufactured objects that represent the human form: mannequins, dolls, armatures, phrenology heads, wooden artists figures, etc. It will be no surprise, then, to learn that the models in my images are 12" action figures.

Thoughts on Action Figures
Action figures should not be bound by the costumes they were boxed in. They should be allowed to shed those manufactured identities and be given the opportunity to express their own true unique selves. There may be something they want to tell us.

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